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Radio AURA and More Honors' Halloween Party

Did you have your share of Halloween madness last week? Do you feel like just one crazy night is not enough? Because Radio AURA and More Honors are certainly thirsty for more! Join us for the scariest, wildest, and creepiest Halloween party you can imagine! Brace yourselves because you will meet the most dreadful creatures of all times at Dance Club Graffiti this Thursday, November 6, 11:30 pm. Be there and make sure it's not just another horror story, but a story... to die for.

Radio AURA Schedule Oct 20-24


10:30-12:30 Decaff with Lacho and Xhulia

18:00-20:00 AURA Lite with Kaloyan and Chanko


10:30-12:30 Decaff with Jetmira and Georgi

18:00-20:00 AURA Lite with Ivo and Gabi

20:00-22:00 Tuesday Night Tutorial with Dr. Leonard and J. Special guest - Prof. Diego Lucci


10:30-12:30 Decaff with Nick and Stella

18:00-20:00 AURA Lite with Marina and Ilina

22:00-00:00 Movie Score with Nick


10:30-12:30 Decaff with Karina and Ayna

18:00-20:00 AURA Lite with Rosen and Flori

22:00-00:00 Apocalyptica with Adriana


10:30-12:30 Decaff with Vili and Steve

18:00-20:00 AURA Lite with Kalina and Ivan

22:00-00:00 Jazz Before Midnight with Ilina and Ivo

Radio AURA Schedule Oct 13-17


10:30-12:30 Decaff with Lacho and Ayna

18:00-20:00 AURA Lite with Ivo and Chanko


10:30-12:30 Decaff with Jetmira and Xhoni

18:00-20:00 AURA Lite with Ivo and Kalina


10:30-12:30 Decaff with Nick and Stella

18:00-20:00 AURA Lite with Rali and Ilina


10:30-12:30 Decaff with Yulduz and Rali

18:00-20:00 AURA Lite with Chanko and Kalina


10:30-12:30 Decaff with Vili and Borchi

Rest in Peace, Boris

We lost a friend on Thursday and a family lost its son.
May his soul rest in peace.

N.B. There will be no radio shows for the rest of the week.

Don't be a face, be a voice! Radio AURA is recruiting!

Dear lovely AUBGer,

Welcome back (or for the first time) to the land of highly opinionated Skapto people, who always have what to say but there is not always someone to listen! Do you dare to change that and be the voice of this boisterous bunch of young people that AUBG students are? Radio AURA’s recruitment campaign starts this week and all of you are more than welcome to apply and join the oldest media on campus! Don’t be a face – be a voice! 

Join us this Tuesday, September 16, at Skapto 1 yard for a warm-up with ever-awesome music and tasty refreshments for a night out at good old Underground to turn those bottoms UP! Meanwhile, look around for AURA people to sign up for our interview time slots! We are dying to meet you all!

If you want to apply, drop us an e-mail at

Farewell, Radio AURA Seniors!

We are saying goodbye to a solid half of the #RadioAURA members, who are graduating! We are going to dearly miss you all because for us, you are the faces of the radio and the super-duper-mega awesome people, who changed our lives! Cheers to a new start for you, we wish you all the most amazing things in life to happen to you! 

Also, the team of #RadioAURA would like to deeply thank one of brightest stars in the DJs team - Nevena Dragoshinova for making her senior project dedicated to the History of Radio AURA and gathering so many amazing memories and moments of all current members and alumni!

You can see the trailer of the movie here and expect the official movie coming out soon!


AURA Highlighter Party

Wow, last day of classes is getting closer and closer! We can’t believe that an entire year has flown away and we are already anticipating all the cool things summer has prepared for us! Yet, we feel we ought to pay tributes to another amazing year at AUBG. Our memories tend to fade in one place under the ground for these past years so we decided to make this night for sure unforgettable since it is going to be the last for some of us with the mindset of an AUBG Student!

Join Radio AURA for the last event of the year and set your emotions and thoughts free and write them on your friends’ T-shirts. It is the HighLighter Party where we will share how lucky we are to have you all around, because we all will agree that AUBG is unforgettable and irreplaceable, because of the people. Let them know that!

Celebrate with us the end of the semester with endless list of promotions at Underground, because we know how to unleash your emotions!

Wednesday – 30th April - 23:30 – Club Underground

JMC Rocks 11

Let's celebrate together the JMC spirit at AUBG with JMC students, faculty and the student media on campus.

On Thursday evening we are going to enjoy the hipster vibes that inspire us all to be productive, different, seeking, finding, designing and creating!

Hosts at the event will be our beloved Radio AURA hosts Boris Marinov and Flori Ivanova!

Join us at Piano Bar Ltd. at 23:30 on 24.04.2014

AURA Bassgroove Party

Dear music lover,

Are you one of those people, whose hearts and souls explode in excitement when you hear electronic beats? Does the bass make you lose control? Do your feet itch for jumping and do you need to put your hands up in the air in a celebration of music? Do you dream of visiting Tomorrowland one day and do you wish you were at the Ultra festival in Miami right now? 

If the answer to all these questions is YES, we have something for you! Don’t miss our special AURA Bassgroove party this Thursday, 11:30pm, at club SIX, with special host DJ, who will surely make you work-out heavily under the crazy beats of electronic music!

Dress Code - WHITE & PURPLE - Radio AURA Colors

For the best electronic music tune in every other Thursday 10pm and listen to Bassgroove with Boris and Kalina!

Thank you for amazing 21 years together!

Dear all,

Thank you so much for making our birthday celebration one of the most amazing, exciting, and thrilling experiences in our lives, for real! It is only with your support that we continue being an integral part of the AUBG life and we are trully blessed to have your love!

Also, we would like to thank the big lovely AURA Alumni Family, that created and sustained the media for many years now and established it as a symbol of Blagoevgrad and American University in Bulgaria.

Maybe you are wondering where are the pictures from the parties? Well, no they are not lost, and are actually being prepared and will be released this week on our Facebook page

As for the rest of the semester, it is for sure going to be memorable with all of the upcoming favorite events of you all. However, our mission to entertain you did not stop with the birthday celebration, so stay tuned for there are more events to come!


The AURA Team