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Dovlet Shyhmyradov

Alloha. I'm Dovlet, my friends like taking pictures of me while I am sleeping. 

Mainly influenced by electronic music, my guilty pleasure song is PONPONPON by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. 

Probably I would like to have a superpower to make stotinki not fall out of my pocket while sitting (you know why, you had this experience). 

Other than crafting design I like imagining myself in situations I will never be in.

Fatme Tsiko

Hey! I’m Fatme and my biggest fear is my mom saying NO!

My dream superpower is invisibility, because I often embarrass myself, so being able to quickly hide is a dream come true. 

 In my free time, I love daydreaming of what it’s like to actually live as a movie character. But, after years of observations, I’ve come to the conclusion I could never be represented in one, simply because I’m a mixture of “Melancholia” and “Yes Man”… yeah.

Cutting to my musical influences, although “I’m too shy to say it” Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up is my guilty pleasure song. Rick, Keaton Henson, Tom Odell, RY X and Elliot Moss have been inspiring me for a long time in my work as a designer.

dis is fatme yo