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Radio AURA 24th Birthday

Radio AURA is at the peak of its twenties now: we turn 24 and we surely know how to roar!

Let's travel back in time
when the parties were bigger, the pace was faster, the morals were looser and
the liquor was cheaper: THE ROARING 1920S. This Friday (17th March) put
your dance shoes on and be ready to party like Gatsby did.

For our most special occasion, we have prepared a lot of surprises for you. There's
going to be a raffle and you can win an AURA t-shirt, movie tickets, vouchers
from Skaptobara or an unforgettable PARAGLIDING

Join us at 17:24 in Skapto 1 yard to start the celebration of our 24th birthday and
get ready for the afterparty in club Juliany where we'll drink champagne and
"try" to be sophisticated. Yes, we know it's a long shot. It's AURA's
birthday and it's time to roar!