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Don't be a face, be a voice! Radio AURA is recruiting!

Dear lovely AUBGer,

Welcome back (or for the first time) to the land of highly opinionated Skapto people, who always have what to say but there is not always someone to listen! Do you dare to change that and be the voice of this boisterous bunch of young people that AUBG students are? Radio AURA’s recruitment campaign starts this week and all of you are more than welcome to apply and join the oldest media on campus! Don’t be a face – be a voice! 

Join us this Tuesday, September 16, at Skapto 1 yard for a warm-up with ever-awesome music and tasty refreshments for a night out at good old Underground to turn those bottoms UP! Meanwhile, look around for AURA people to sign up for our interview time slots! We are dying to meet you all!

If you want to apply, drop us an e-mail at

Farewell, Radio AURA Seniors!

We are saying goodbye to a solid half of the #RadioAURA members, who are graduating! We are going to dearly miss you all because for us, you are the faces of the radio and the super-duper-mega awesome people, who changed our lives! Cheers to a new start for you, we wish you all the most amazing things in life to happen to you! 

Also, the team of #RadioAURA would like to deeply thank one of brightest stars in the DJs team - Nevena Dragoshinova for making her senior project dedicated to the History of Radio AURA and gathering so many amazing memories and moments of all current members and alumni!

You can see the trailer of the movie here and expect the official movie coming out soon!