Who are we?

A bunch of music lovers who would like to share their taste in music and opinions of hot topic with the world! 

We are a student-run online
radio station

We are the pulse of the city, beating for more than 26 years. Dozens of enthusiastic young people sometimes work more than 12 hours a day to turn their voices into something meaningful. That is what Radio AURA is all about.

First broadcast in 1992, we created our very own program in 1993 – making us the very first private radio station in Bulgaria!

Radio AURA provides our listeners with a mix of current hits and alternative artists and genres you may have never even heard of. We were brought together by our passion for music, pushing us to produce and broadcast radio shows with diverse content.

What are our alumni's saying about us?

Aleks Lyubenov Class of 2020

Radio AURA has provided me with invaluable experience working in a team and given me a place I’m proud to call home!

Momchil Brachkov Class of 2019

I was part of Aura during all of my 4 years in AUBG and was one of the best experiences in my life. Aura unites different individuals into one!

Tihomir Robert Class of 2017

Being a part of Radio Aura was some of the most fun I had while in AUBG. It was lots of work on interesting assignments and having a blast while you’re at it!

Gabriela Belnikolovska Class of 2019

Thanks to radio AURA I had the perfect occasion to go to great parties, meet amazing people, and listen to quality music

Dimitar Iliev Class of 2020

Aura gave me the opportunity to deal with problems from the real life while studying. I met with people that I can call FRIENDS for the the rest of my life.

Elena Tsutsumanova Class of 2019

It was amazing to be surrounded by happy people who didn't take themselves too seriously while gaining hands-on experience.

Rosen Dinchev Class 2020

Aura has been an invaluable part of my university years and entire life as well. The team collaboration, real-life sales experience and fun times thought me a lot and came handy in the real world.

    AURA is a completely voluntary non-profit organization. Our members don’t earn any form of monetary compensation, meaning that we do this entirely for the love of music and the benefit of our listeners. We are proud of what Radio AURA stands for and always strive to maintain a professional working atmosphere while keeping our AURA burning bright.

    Think you have the AURA spirit?



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